Who is Sorin Marta?

I was really thinking about how to start this article. So I guess I’ll just start with who I am and what’s the whole purpose of this blog. 

Also, I would like to set the expectations of this blog, what I’m going to write about, and how that is going to help you. 

Who am I?

My name is Sorin Marta. I’m a tech-savvy guy who’s living in Romania. I’ve been programming for most of my life. I started at 9 years old with PHP, which was very basic back then, and also, we all know the stories about how bad the security was back in the day.

After that, I fell in love with WordPress like most PHP developers back then. In time, when I started to become good at it, I started to help a local agency with their WordPress sites. It wasn’t anything serious. It was just playing around in the dashboard or installing some pre-built themes. 

Then I got into freelancing, found out about Upwork, and started taking jobs there. After a while, I made some connections with people who recommended me to other people, and the “client chain” began.

After a while, I decided with a few friends that we could try to start our own agency. So there you have Tadamus, our digital agency, which we have built on our own from the ground.

While working at the agency and learning what it takes to actually be a Founder, I got contacted by Vic Dorfman, who runs MemberFix and got a job there as an MF Tech, which basically means a tech support agent. But in time, I started to get into internal things, and nowadays, I’m kind of a double agent. I’m doing tech tasks and helping with the management.

In my own time, I’m also working on a software project that might become a business or an open-source project.

Also, since working at MemberFix gives me a lot of free time, I might even consider taking on some freelance projects. If you have one and you are interested in my expertise, here you can contact me.

What am I going to write about?

Well, mostly tech stuff. Like guides, tips, reviews, etc. But you never know what ideas I might get.


In the end, I’d like to thank you for your time. If you have any questions or you just want to talk to someone, you can contact me here.

Cheers! 😉